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  • *A warrior may be strong and powerful, but if that warrior doesn't care for the ones her loves then he is no true warrior. For a warrior is also caring and kind hearted. The leader of each clan knows this when he picks his deputy and that is never the only true hearted warrior, a true warrior breaks the code to protect the ones he loves and cares for.*

Cat Discription Edit

Longwing is an orange she-cat with light brown stripes. She is fast thinking and fast acting. She is the Co-Deputy of Nightclan. She has bright blue eyes and a long tail.

Picture hereEdit

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 9.14.45 PM
Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 12.38.28 PM

Background storyEdit

Longwing is daughter of the leader of Nightclan, Amberstar. She made 2 friends when she was a kit. There names are Spurstar and Ravenstrike. Her father was killed by this grey feline named Ashwind (uh.....) Over time she made lots of friends and a place in the clan when she was an apprentice by helping her mentor kill a badger.


1: Ashwind died and has moved onto Longpaw

2: Longpaw became an apprentice

3: Longpaw's mentor is Briarheart

4: Longpaw became Longwing

5: Longwing is now Co-Deputy of Nightclan.

Kits And MateEdit

Her mate is named Blazetail, a former rouge and son of Ashwind. She has 3 kits. Spottedkit, Rainkit, and Coalkit. Rainkit is a silver she-cat with blue eyes. Spottedkit is a grey and orange calico with green eyes. Coalkit is a black hairless cat who has black eyes.

Extra Info. Edit

Theme Song: Dragonhearted- Try Hard Ninja

Age: 26 Moons

Sister: Ashkit,Shademoon,Emberfang, Unknown

Brother: none

Mother: (Dead) Amberstar

Father: (Dead) Duskfur

Clan: Nightclan

Leader: Spiderstar and Bramblestae

Rank: Deputy

Mate: Blazetail Crush: None

Apprentice: None

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